Marie-France Roy

Marie-France Roy

Freelance writer and blogger

I write on the topics of solo travel, budget travel, food, wine, and my hometown of Toronto. Other destinations I know a lot about include Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, New Zealand, and Thailand.

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Zika in Mexico and Central America

Everything you need to know about Zika in Mexico and Central America, including lower-risk areas in those regions.

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6 underrated New Zealand towns you should visit

Even if you’re in New Zealand mostly for the outdoors, consider spending a night or two in some of these pleasant but lesser-known NZ towns.

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Zika-free travel destinations in the Caribbean

Where can you go in the Caribbean to avoid Zika right now? (This piece is part of a series commissioned by I&I Travel Media for Matador Network.)

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5 Mexican towns that will make you forget the beach

Go visit these highland towns before everyone else does!

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Solo Female Travel to Argentina

What to expect of Argentina as a solo female traveller, and why you should go!

Japan4 article

7 best destinations for solo travelers over 50

Temperate climate, good food, decent infrastructure, and a variety of activities where there is little risk of breaking a bone. If you're 50+, visit these countries!

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11 best spots in Toronto to capture awesome photos

TORONTO’S MOST ICONIC IMAGES include old stone buildings, modern glass towers, and Lake Ontario. Check out this list to find out exactly where to go, and even where to stand, to capture those postcard-perfect shots.

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The Travelers Way

7 reasons why you should visit Oaxaca

Oaxaca has become my favourite town in Mexico, and in this guest post I explain why you should go!

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One day in Montreal, a self-guided walking tour

Make the best of a day in Montreal by following this detailed full-day walking itinerary, which includes food stop suggestions.

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The accidental hitchhiker

Contest entry for the World Nomad's Travel Writing Scholarship, about my very first hitchhiking experience as a middle age woman!

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The 10 best public art spots in Toronto

Toronto has a vibrant art scene, including many outdoor public art projects that everyone can enjoy. Below are some of the best and most interesting ones, all located downtown and easily accessible by public transit.

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My favourite cheap eats in Toronto's Old Town neighbourhood

If you're looking for good food and don't want to spend a fortune, here are my top picks.

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9 must-do experiences in Toronto

MY PICKS BELOW, to have a quintessential Toronto experience, are aimed at getting you away from the urban bustle and immersed into appealing natural or man-made environments with their distinctive sights, sounds, and tastes.

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Solo woman in Mexico

Should you visit Mexico? And more specifically, should you visit Mexico as a solo woman?

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A quick travel guide to Toronto's arts and culture scene

Museums, galleries, street art, music and more, in Canada's largest city.